We are a small family owned business that starts with only two overseers being Mom and Son. The Idea of the business starts back 28 years ago, were the mother of the son was in the Sunglass business starting out locally and was expanding at a rapid rate. However, she had to stop due to sudden life changes and the clients and business all together had to stop and the end seemed to be it. Fast forward today, the business gets to be restarted with now the mother's son now being part of the business. With his knowledge and understanding on modern day trends and with her years of experience in the business while adding in many new skill set, she now has even more of an understanding of today's standards for eye-wear. Now, the son is helping his mother fulfill her dream to have a sunglass business up and running again for the local community, and now for the ENTIRE country to also experience only the best, fashionable, and affordable accessories for everyone. To this we thank you for reading and enjoying our selection of choices for you to choose from. We will be adding more as time goes on and love to hear your feedback on our services, products, and many new possibilities in the near future. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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